Saturday, February 8, 2020

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  1. Hey Ethan!

    I thought that the story you posted on the introduction was great! The one thing I was curious about is what are the other stories going to be about? I also don’t happen to see a link to your comment wall on your home page. Anyway, I thought that you did a masterful job of telling this story in a new light. Stories like this have always tended to bore me but with the way you wrote it, I was captured by every single line. I do agree with your authors note that having animals as the characters do bring a lighter sense to a story that would otherwise be so dark. Also, I do agree that I always tend to write a lot so sometimes I go way over the word allotment and it really does stink when we have to tone down such a great story. Overall, I felt this was a strong start to your story book and cannot wait to read more!