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  1. Hey Ethan!

    I thought that the story you posted on the introduction was great! The one thing I was curious about is what are the other stories going to be about? I also don’t happen to see a link to your comment wall on your home page. Anyway, I thought that you did a masterful job of telling this story in a new light. Stories like this have always tended to bore me but with the way you wrote it, I was captured by every single line. I do agree with your authors note that having animals as the characters do bring a lighter sense to a story that would otherwise be so dark. Also, I do agree that I always tend to write a lot so sometimes I go way over the word allotment and it really does stink when we have to tone down such a great story. Overall, I felt this was a strong start to your story book and cannot wait to read more!

  2. Ethan,

    Hey, the story that you posted for your introduction was pretty good. I think the way you retold it and changed the characters slightly was a good move. One question I do have is are you going to have a theme for your portfolio? Or is it going to be a sort of collage? I think it would be interesting for you to stay with the same theme "what goes around comes around." I think every story we have read so far has had that theme incorporated somewhere, so it would be easy to build your portfolio around that. Not sure if this is a formatting issue or not, but I don't see any image information on my end for the turtle, if any is supposed to be there. Overall, I think you did a good job retelling this story, and it would be really cool if you stuck with the central theme of karma!

  3. Hi Ethan! First, I think the nature theme you have going for your portfolio is pretty neat, the stars for the introduction and the pond for 'The Eagle and the Turtle'. The clip art of the folder on the front page doesn't really mesh with this theme, and clicking on it leads to a link to download that clip art and I wasn't able to find a link to your comment wall. Overall, your story was really interesting! Sometimes I wish the word limit wasn't 1000, I had to trim down my story too and I wish I got to read more of yours. I do think it would have been interesting if you had changed the story more in your own way, it seemed a bit like you just changed the types of animals from a crane and fish to an eagle and bunnies, but maybe all the differences you created had to be trimmed away.

  4. Hi Ethan!
    Your stories are great! I like that you stay close to the stories but overall change just a few things to make it your own. I had a little trouble navigating your site, only because on the front I couldn’t see where to get to the comment wall and when I clicked on the folder thing it took me somewhere completely different. I am sure it’s just because we’re all in the middle of changing our storybooks and updating as we go though. I think you did a great job in your author’s notes explaining how you made the story your own and why you chose it. The stories themselves were just the right length and I like that you chose to tone down in Backyard Beast. The images you used were perfect for each story, but I was wondering if there is a theme for which stories you chose? Maybe in an introduction paragraph you could mention how you decided which stories you wanted to work with? Overall I think that you have an awesome storybook in the works.

  5. Hiya Ethan!
    I love your first story. Probably because of the humongous picture of the turtle at the end. It is so cute! I also love the banner picture with the water of the beginning. Really sets the mood haha. BUNNIES AHHh. This just gets more and more adorable. Possibly putting more pictures could break up the writing a little bit, just because all the dialogue really dragged out the story, and I got lost in the words. On to Backyard Beast, the eyes follow you as you started scrolling ahh! Awwwwww, I love the dog so much. Also, what was your inspiration behind the names? This stories kind of reminds me of the Gnomeo and Juliet. I don't know if you've seen it haha. The last story was very adorable. I love how you gave all the characters a spot in the story and changed it from the original plot. I do agree that all the characters needed to have a role!
    These were such fun stories to read. Hope things are okay during the quarantine.

  6. Hi Ethan,
    Nice portfolio! I like the animal theme. I find it interesting how a lot of different mythologies, not just Indian, use animals. Animals are often portrayed as being able to speak, think, and even have magical powers. There are even gods and goddesses in the form of animals. I think it is very interesting that you decided to explore this topic in your portfolio. I enjoyed your final story, The Chicken, Cow, and Spider. I think the dynamic of teamwork between the three animals was written very well and it is clear that they have to work together to escape. These three animals are not usually ones you think would work together but you made it happen! I think you did a great job of sticking to the foundation of the story that influenced you to write this and I think you did a great job of improving it as well.


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